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pamela. A family of light fittings comprising floor, ceiling and table top models in various sizes, and an outdoor version. Steel structure with various finishes, brass plating, black chrome or white paint. A PMMA injection shade with a glass effect and coated steel rods on the outside. The table top models incorporate a touch dimmer switch with a position light.

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pamela outdoor | Metalarte
ramón úbeda
& otto canalda
ramón úbeda & otto canalda | Metalarte
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It is an update of the classic lamp, refined with LED technology. Elegant and slender. It comes with a luxurious brass finish, inheriting the origins and high-quality manufacturing of a company that began almost a century ago in a metalwork studio. It is also available in black chrome, representing a more contemporary conception of luxury. It is a lamp for our time, with the DNA of Metalarte’s history. Modern and versatile. With floor, ceiling and table top versions in various sizes, and with white paint finishes, more competitive for hotel, restaurant or retail projects. Charming and useful. Designed by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda, its most distinctive feature is that it offers various, interchangeable models of shades, which can also be personalised both inside and out. Pamela is a lamp that wishes to look like a lamp and it just stands out for its details: the glass effect of its methacrylate shade and a practical touch dimmer with a position light. Sophisticated and discreet. It lets light take centre stage.

pamela for all brass, black chrome, white

pamela brass tres tintas 1 | Metalarte pamela chrome 1 | Metalarte pamela white 1 | Metalarte pamela brass tres tintas 2 | Metalarte pamela chrome 2 | Metalarte pamela white 2 | Metalarte pamela brass tres tintas 3 | Metalarte pamela chrome 3 | Metalarte pamela white 3 | Metalarte
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