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stones. Family of luminaires created from a material with stone-like qualities and manufactured by moulding. Composed of a table giving ambient light (Sharon), an outdoor or indoor portable lamp (Rolling) and an exterior bollard (Oliver). It gives elegance to interior decoration and is suitably resistant when installed outdoors.

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ramón úbeda
& otto canalda
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Human beings have shaped stone since prehistoric times. To begin with, out of necessity, to defend themselves or hunt, and then creatively, to build monuments and cathedrals. Some so complex that remain unfinished today, such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona that Gaudí began building in 1882. Today, its unusual shapes are drawn with sophisticated 3D programmes and modelled using a technology specifically developed to finish the work. Using a similar process, Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda have designed and developed this new family of luminaires which we have christened with the name of Stones, created from a material with stone-like qualities and manufactured by moulding. It is a hybrid between the architectural concrete and artificial stone, technically sophisticated but produced by hand. Three different designs that share the same material, but each with its own personality and functions. Sharon is a desk lamp with cylindrical base and shade. With shiny details and a forceful presence that does not go unnoticed. Rolling is portable and versatile luminaire for indoor or outdoor use, but particularly suitable for intermediate spaces like porches and terraces. The handle and base form a single, solid body. Oliver is a bollard for outdoor installation that does not rust or degrade like metal. Plain, functional and hard as a rock.

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