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Marcel Benedito
Casa Viva Magazine


Classic Inout destined from the cradle

With a soul of moulded polyethylene
Swathed in white, red or yellow
It was like lust at first sight
With your God-given body

You take everyone unawares,
Challenging the setting sun,
Drawing a sweet glow from the night
A refugee from old-fashioned shapes

Your seductive, amber legs,
Your figure crowned by the moon,
Your yearning for revelry behind curtains

Signal that Martini moment, with an olive,
You reign amongst the most elegant lamps,
Classic Inout destined from the cradle

(I don’t know why, but from the very first day I thought of writing something a poem came into my mind. Perhaps it’s the lamp’s perfect balance of lyricism and functionality that have inspired me to write this sonnet, which is also an example of lyricism and discipline.)

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