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Jaume Vidal

An issue of proportions

I see Ramón Úbeda as a modern Gulliver who’s very happy designing objects that are out of proportion with him. I don’t believe that this is because, as he’s not very tall—yes, Ramón! you’re short and I’m fat—he likes to see the world as a succession of disproportions, but rather that he sees a source of beauty in scale. It is beautiful, because it’s proportionate, to create a big book about a big building. It’s also beautiful, because it’s disproportionate, to create a big floor-lamp in the shape of the classic bed-side light. Úbeda is a bit of a mischievous rogue. But then, he’s like that for reasons of aesthetics, taste, hedonism and above all common sense: is there a better reason for embarking on chimerical projects—the chimera in this case is thinking you’re going to get paid for it—unless it’s to give free rein to your fantasies (sexual ones)? That is why he helps us understand the essence of a chair: put your backside on it. Also, in his role as creative documentalist, Ramón Úbeda put together a book with a good selection of objects inspired by sex. I don’t know why, but I imagine him in his enviable loft apartment hosting a session of design-sex. Here I will put you (from one of the most famous designers, of course) a rug, here a lamp and here an ash-tray for nonsmokers. As there’s something of the romantic market trader about him, he’s managed to convince me. The good thing is that he knows how to sell.

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