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Pilar Marcos
20 Casas Magazine

With child eyes

When you are little you’re always trying to grow up so you can enjoy prohibited things from the world of adults. But when you inevitably achieve odious maturity, your infancy becomes a lost paradise and you start looking to the future with strained eyes, struggling to focus. Fortunately time doesn’t always move forward and sometimes miracles happen that send you back in time and, without deserving it, reward you with a sparkle of that happiness. It could be a shape, a colour, the light... an evocation. When I got to know it the Inout was wrapped in all these things. I didn’t know what it was called—that’s probably for the best because its name doesn’t do it justice—but its design comes from such forgotten groves and goes straight to the heart. It is evocative, and simple, as if drawn by a child, and it has all the naturalness, common sense and humour that we leave behind in childhood. I’m glad I have so many adult friends and that I’ve given a handful of good memories to those who now have almost no memory at all. This makes me think that childhood is not so far away, or perhaps we have found the way of continuing to see the world through the eyes of a child.

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