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Soledad Lorenzo
Arquitectura y Diseño Magazine

Larga vida

If I’m reborn in another life, I’d like to be a star design. No, I don’t mean designer, because they have to put up with so much. Not to mention a manufacturer, always worrying about whether I’ve invested enough, worrying about the competition, and so many other wearisome burdens I don’t know about and which, I have to admit, make me feel quite dizzy. No. What I’d really like to be is a famous piece of furniture or lamp. To be born with a star over me. To be smothered in prizes and recognition. To come out in the magazines, in TV ads, and even in the studio of a prime-time TV show. And in the most exquisite catalogues. For pictures of me to grace the bus-stops and banderoles hanging in the streets… How nice it would be: for everyone to like me and to invest some of their savings to take me home to live with them. (Some of them will be so proud they’ll show me to visitors). And given the choice, I’d rather have nice, sensitive and very cultured parents with plenty of experience of creating intelligent objects and who know how to appreciate and respect the good things other people do.

… But until I’m reincarnated, I’ll take the best advantage of my human condition and be an enthusiastic witness to those few occasions in which the complex worlds of design, industry and the market produce a miracle. And everything turns out to fit together.

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