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Daniel Giralt-Miracle


In the fields of science and thought, and also in those of literature, film, architecture and design, the charm of the thing achieved does not derive from the many roundabout expressions each project might give rise to, but on getting it right. Getting it right means eliminating everything that is surplus and unnecessary and getting straight to the point. And that is something that is not directly linked to the amount of time, the hours and the days, spent thinking, writing and drawing, but with the ability to recognise when a project is finished. Neither before, nor afterwards. Just as Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda knew with their unmistakable and memorable Inout. No matter how you look at it everything works well in the different versions of this 4x4 of a lamp which does not restrict itself to redesigning tradition, but opens the way to new formulas for lighting where you find utility, informality and elegance.

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