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Luján Cambariere
Buenos Aires
M2 / Página 12 Newspaper

Con la idea fija

It hardly needs to be said that it takes longer for news to reach the southern hemisphere. So, distant as we are from the epicentre of design we were aware of Ramón Úbeda on account of his book Sex Design. In it we learnt that before getting involved in things like that, the guy had done a bit of almost everything—industrial and graphic design, books, exhibitions, installations—that no doubt qualified him to set up and write about sex design. But now that we hear about him again, it turns out that one of his most acclaimed designs is this lamp, nightlight, extra large Inout. An imposing member, potent, virile, startling. In which, this time, it’s clear that size does matter. Please forgive us, our most beloved and admired Ramón, but for those of us from Argentina, you’re the kid with an idée fixe but also well endowed. If you’ve got a romantic, sentimental side, please let us know…

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