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dojo. Family of luminaries composed of two floor lamps. Available in four colours: bright gold, silver, white and brown oxide. Extruded aluminium structure and iron cover. Opal white methacrylate diffuser.

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dojo outdoor
dojo outdoor product | Metalarte
antoni arola
antoni arola | Metalarte

“Ever since I was small, I have been fascinated both by gardens and lamps, so this union was a real challenge. Perhaps the contrast with the plant shapes led me to design a very rational and clean object. A cube formed by louvers. I don’t remember how it happened, but the influence of admirable traditional Japanese architecture is evident in this project. Not for nothing are they grand masters interrelating architecture and gardens. Dojo —place where Zen Buddhism is practiced— is a part of a collection originally called Ishi Doro, meaning ‘garden lantern’ in Japanese”. It won an ADIFAD Silver Delta award in 1999. Antoni Arola designed it especially for outdoors, with materials treated to resist the weather, although it can also be placed indoors and occasionally be used as table or stand function. This ambiguity of the light fixture has encouraged us to update it, to adapt it to different environments and give it greater personality, with new finishes added to the classic extruded aluminium finish and which are characterised by the absence of colour: white, rust and gold.

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