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In 2003, together with Otto Canalda, I designed the Inout lamp for Metalarte. It was born of the intuition that there was a gap in the market for a decorative interior lamp (in) which could also be installed out of doors without problems (out). Even if it’s raining. It might have been the first of its kind. Since then it has become a Spanish-design hit that has been spectacularly successful all over the world, probably because it’s a big, simple lamp, monumental and monomaterial, reminiscent of an ordinary, every-day lamp. Surprised and pleased as I was by this success, I began to work on the idea of paying it my personal tribute with a book about it. It might be the first time that a design that’s only just over ten years old has had a four-hundred-page, multiple-author publication devoted to it. The list of designer, illustrator, photographer, architect, journalist and writer friends who have contributed is remarkable. / RAMÓN ÚBEDA

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friends Javier Abio, Ibai Acevedo, Fernando Amat, Antoni Arola, Josep Bagà, Bala Studio, Arnal Ballester, Paco Bascuñán, BCD, Anthon Beeke, Alejandro Benavent, Marcel Benedito, Bildi Grafik, Biosca & Botey, Joan Biosca, Josep Bohigas, Bombay Sapphire, Carlos Bosch, Ulrich Büttner, César Caballud, Luján Cambariere, Campana Brothers, Camper, Otto Canalda, Casa Viva, Cristina Capella, Juli Capella, Cha-Chá, Daniel Cid, Lluís Clotet, Ramón Cortés, Valentina Croci, Michele De Lucchi, Meritxell Duran, El País Semanal, Pedrín Errando, Catalina Estrada, Estudicolor, FAD, José María Faerna, Daniel Fernández, Isidro Ferrer, Frame, Beth Galí, Agustí García, Juan Gatti, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Martí Guixé, Alfredo Häberli, Jaime Hayon, Yianni Hill, Carlos Iglesias, Orlando Isaac, Albert Isern, Mercedes Jaén, Nienke Klunder, Quim Larrea, Olivia Lecomte, Soledad Lorenzo, Losiento, Alexander Loterstzain, Ross Lovegrove, Àngels Manzano, Pilar Marcos, Óscar Mariné, Javier Mariscal, Pablo Martín, Ingo Maurer, Pía Minchot, Yuly Monsanto, Lluís Morillas, Daniel Nebot, Pans & Company, Paolo Palma, Pedrita, Andy Rementer, Pepa Reverter, Candela Reymundo, Víctor Rivera, Carlos Rolando, Rolito, Rollito Canalla, Ricardo Rousselot, Juanjo Sáez, Gabriele Sciavon, *S,C,P,F..., Claret Serrahima, Signes, Álvaro Sobrino, Antonio Solaz, Philip Stanton, Patrick Thomas, Maria Cristina Tommasini, David Torrents, Jaume Tresserra, Oscar Tusquets, Tusquets Editores, Beth Ubach, Rafael Vargas, Jordi Verbo, Vicenç Viaplana, Jaume Vidal, Vinçon, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, ...