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It is not the first time that a lampshade is used as canvas for an artist’s work. But it is the first time that the canvas, which will later become a lampshade, measures three metres long by one wide. This is an enormous temptation for any artist. Cristian Zuzunaga has worked on it with his personal style, for which he has obtained international acknowledgment and which for this occasion we have called: Pixel-Op-Art. Born of a Catalan mother and Peruvian father, Zuzunaga discovered the beauty hidden in the microscopic while he was studying biology. To decompose images into their infinitesimal parts, to turn them into standards and systems, ended up becoming the hallmark of his work. Although his strength is colour, for this commission we asked him to use black and white. The result is a tribute to the hypnotic Optical Art and to a light fixture called Alta Costura (Haute Coture), originally designed by Josep Aregall, which is about to commemorate its quarter of a century of commercial life. A limited edition of just 25 lamps has been produced, hand printed by the author in the silkscreen workshop.

alta costura by cristian zuzunaga
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